What is a Spiritual Coach

The now fashionable direction of coaching was formed at the end of the last century, although its methods and mechanisms of implementation were used back in the days of hoary antiquity, but the essence remained practically unchanged.

And this applies especially to spiritual coaching, whose origins can be found in the earliest sprouts of humanity, when our forefathers created for us a space of free choice and only carefully channeled our wild and unbridled creative energy into a constructive and creative channel.

Spiritual Coaching Differences

Spiritual coaching, in contrast to coaching of personal effectiveness, life coaching or psychological counseling considers the interaction of a coach and a client or a consultant and a client not as a separate model – personality – personality, but as a soul – soul and soul-personality – soul personality – an integral prognostic system.

Thus, spiritual coaching is, in the language of duetics – a philosophical and ethical system of knowledge, a synthesis of spiritual psychology and healing in a single algorithm of directed actions to provide effective assistance and support to a person in mastering his own power, whether it be willpower, desire power or strength. directed interest.

At the same time, interest is a dynamic component of creative self-development, indicating successive phases that reveal the possibilities of exploring one’s own life in all its manifestations.

The more interest, the more likely it is to reach the maximum while maintaining quality. In this sense, spiritual coaching is in sync with the duet, pointing to similar paths leading to unity and harmony.

Duetica as a science of straight-knowledge

It reveals to a person his dual nature in a mirror image spirit – soul, mind – feelings, spirit – personality, feelings, emotions, soul – personality.

Both spiritual psychology and healing allow a person, using self-remembering as a creative act of self-knowledge, through self-identity and self-identification, to come to integrity and harmony.

This, in turn, brings a person to a completely different level of perception of himself and the world with finding the origins of the problems of the past and overcoming them, opening up the opportunity to clearly see and shape their own future, effectively functioning in the present.

Self-relationship model

Spiritual coaching allows you to build a model of deep, sincere and impartial relationship with yourself, allowing the consciously perked up individual to see the true thread and essence of his own existence.

Spiritual coaching is the right hand of friendly participation and assistance to a person by a coach, extended with faith in the possibility of changing, improving and transforming him with the disclosure of true skill, strength and talent.

Spiritual coaching is an initiation designed to awaken in the client faith in himself and the desire to build his life according to his own plan for the perception of a single reality and reality, seeing the origins of the problems of the past and independently creating a happy and harmonious future.

In this holistic approach of the coach to solving the client’s tasks, the following key points seem important:

  • on the one hand, a certain detachment and non-involvement of the coach in the process of free construction by the client of his life project;
  • on the other hand, targeted efforts towards increasing the awareness of the client, expanding his ability to accommodate, assimilate and implement the best models of development and improvement;
  • with the third – following the client’s inner impulse to know their own capabilities and assisting him in mastering the hidden creative potential and mechanisms of effective self-government.

A spiritual coach, scanning past incarnations and current life realities of the client, allows him to interpret and measure this experience on his own, without edification and conclusions, but only encouraging him to explore his own soul tablets.


To challenge a client in coaching is to spur a person to introspection and taking responsibility for his life and destiny on himself. However, without integrating the personality with the soul, this challenge can be self-punishing for the client’s personality, and not entirely effective, and the results short-lived.

Yes, and supporting the desires of the client without knowing his life lessons and the true goals of the soul is nurturing the ego and postponing the decisions of more important programs and contracts.

Spiritual coaching does not at all oppose itself to other coaching areas, but takes into account their best sides in following a holistic approach in integrating personal preferences and spiritual aspirations of the client.

Spiritual coaching is the development of individual programs for integrating the personality and soul of the client through various methods and methods of spiritual development and personal growth, assistance in the development of awareness, in choosing a spiritual path, identifying and learning life lessons.