Personal coaching: what is it

Personal coaching is a powerful tool for improving individual performance. Personal coaching allows anyone who wants to grow and develop to do so by stepping back to put things into perspective.

It helps a person become aware of their behavior patterns and how these patterns affect their relationship with themselves and with others. This is a pause time in a trusting space, protected from external distractions. Each session aims to develop new skills and new attitudes, challenging our own worldview to enrich the client’s palette.

Personal coaching allows you to achieve ambitious goals

Coaching allows the client to interact with the coach, which enables him to reach the point where he can take a global view of the world, as well as his thoughts and behavior.

Individual coaching is part of the logic of the leader’s conscious transformation. The awareness and experience of a personal coach, knowledge of the world of business and the mechanisms of personal development and learning allow a specialist to offer an effective style of intervention and help in deep transformation for a more effective and conscious achievement of goals by the mentees.

Coaching is a highly effective communication and talent development tool. It is designed to create situational awareness, accelerate individual/team agility and strategic growth.

Coaching also allows leaders to develop specific strengths such as: listening skills, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution skills, leadership presence, and delivering results. Coaching allows people to be the best “version of themselves”, collaborate and drive growth. Coachers love the personal touch and often report a deeper sense of purpose, inclusion, and fulfillment.

Who is a personal coach?

A personal coach is a specialist who, by asking the right questions, helps you determine your goals, the desired result and find the best ways to achieve them.

Personal coaching is about guiding a client to their goal. Also, this is the creation of a motivating, non-judgmental environment around the client, where insights, awareness and disclosure of inner potential arise.

The purpose of such work is to help a person realize himself as a person, to give an opportunity to identify in himself the resources for self-development and personal growth, to fulfill his dream.

In personal coaching, awareness and responsibility are very important.

Awareness of one’s capabilities, resources, potential, internal barriers and limitations that hinder the achievement of the goal. We control what we are aware of, what we are not aware of controls us.

Responsibility for your life, for your successes and failures, responsibility in the first place, to yourself. Responsible attitude helps to take a fresh look at yourself, increase self-respect and the respect of others.

Awareness brings clarity to the perception of reality, the ability to set the right environmentally friendly goals. The coach, supporting the client, using coaching technologies, helps to unleash the potential, correctly identify a specific goal and the way to move towards it, help overcome obstacles, and increase self-confidence.

To accompany the client, basic coaching models and questions that make the client think about new ways to achieve the goal are used.

The purpose of each individual coaching session is to solve one stated client request from any area of ​​his life: business, family, hobbies, problems, relationships, fears, work, money, etc.

You might think that personal coaching is nothing more than psychological counseling. This is partly true: the reason for the “kinship” is that both coaching sessions and visits to psychologists are aimed at solving the client’s individual problems. However, there is one most important difference: the coach offers to find solutions on their own. Proper interaction between the mentor and the client is the key to achieving maximum results!

Types and features of personal coaching

Personal coaching is a one-on-one job. No one should interfere, as coaching is a very delicate process and extraneous sounds, calls, smells will distract the client’s attention. In the course of working with a partner (client), specific individual tasks are solved.

Various areas of life can be affected in the process: business, career, family, relationships, health, sports, goal setting, personal qualities, creativity, children, money, etc.

There are many types of individual coaching: life coaching, coaching of top management (first persons), business coaching, career coaching, change (innovation) coaching, motivational coaching, etc.

Life coaching is individual work with a person, which is focused on achieving balance in all areas of life (improving the quality of life, personal growth, health, relationships, creative self-realization).

CEO coaching (Executive-coaching, VIP-coaching) is personal work with the CEO of the company, aimed at the fastest and most effective achievement of his business goals, at increasing his personal and managerial efficiency.

Business coaching is work with individual managers and teams as a whole in the context of the company and business. It is aimed at organizing the search for the most effective ways to achieve the goals of this unit (company) and their implementation by the employees (subordinates) themselves.

Career coaching helps a person decide on long-term career plans – at least for 1 year, and optimally for 5-10 years. This work is similar to business planning or a company’s balanced scorecard, but applied to a personal development plan.